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Google Ads and PPC

Google Ads or PPC ( Pay­-Per­-Click ) Advertising allows advertisers to pay a fee each time one of their Ads is clicked on. Your Google Ads will be placed in front of someone searching for a keyword related to your business offering, so this effectively allows you to buy visitors to your site.

Search Engines accept ‘bids’ for keywords and decide which Google Ads to show based on several factors including keyword relevance, bid amount and ad quality.

The advertiser is only billed when one of their Ads is clicked so, when it is used correctly to ensure the correct traffic is attracted, PPC is a very responsive form of advertising and gives excellent returns.

Why Use PPC ?

Google Ads

Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising system in the world, enabling businesses to pay and have their Ads displayed on Google’s Search Engine when users type in certain keywords.

Top positions in Search Engine results pages can be achieved naturally over time by means of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, whereas Google Ads and PPC provide instant Page 1 rankings.

In the Google Search Network, Google Ads are marked with the orange ‘Ad’ icon and appear at the top and the bottom of the search results page.

How often the Ad is displayed depends on:

  • The keywords selected
  • The number of people searching using those keywords
  • The amount bid compared to other bids on those same keywords


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Advertisers compete in an auction-style bidding system for display preference with Google Ads & PPC, however, the Ad’s Quality Score also affects Ad positioning on Google.

An Ad’s Quality Score is determined by Google and takes into consideration the relevance to the search phrase, past click-through rates and the suitability of the associated website landing page.

A similar bidding system allows Ads to appear on Google’s Display Network which consists of panels that appear on websites and blogs that have partnered with Google for advertising revenue.

These Ads can be further displayed to visitors after they have left these sites using a technique called “Remarketing”, giving the impression that Google is ‘learning’ the user’s interests.

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