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Digital Strategy Services

Many businesses are now becoming internet-driven for generating leads and making online sales, creating a longer term digital strategy to build relationships focusing on customer experience.

At a basic level, your online presence will help to:

  • Establish corporate identity

  • Build or reinforce your brand

  • Inform and engage visitors

The following extensive Checklists will reveal your requirements to help plan your Digital Strategy:

1. Defining your Online Goals

  • What is your Business Philosophy / Motto?
  • Who is your target market, sector or group?

  • What % of your business interest is online?
  • Who are your main industry competitors?
  • What is your monthly digital marketing budget?

  • What staff and resources can you use?
  • What have you set as your online goals?
  • What method of measurement are you using?
  • How do you monitor results of online activities?

2. Assessing your Current Situation

  • Does your website accurately represent your company?
  • Is your website optimised to be fast and responsive?
  • Does your site content hold visitor attention?
  • Is your branding relevant and up to date?
  • Is your website mobile-friendly?
  • Are you capturing your target audience?
  • How many new visitors do you receive?
  • Where is your traffic coming from?
  • What is your user experience like?
  • Are your keywords performing effectively?
  • What current rank do you achieve in Google?
  • What distinguishes you from your competition?
  • Do visitors immediately understand what to do?
  • Does your site effectively call visitors to action?

3. Additions and Improvements

  • Target a more specific market sector
  • Use all available forms of marketing media
  • Limit exposure to within business hours
  • Improve site responsiveness or add an app
  • Ensure you are making the most of Google
  • Institute 24 hour site monitoring
  • Track the online behaviour of visitors
  • Establish and build a subscriber base
  • Allow users to sign up using Social Media
  • Display a Google Map, Site Links, Reviews
  • Implement PPC campaign and adjust bids
  • Continually edit ads and split test versions
  • Constantly optimise keyword groups
  • Increase and improve landing pages
  • Employ remarketing techniques

From the answers to the above Checklists, compile a list of areas to review, implement or change.