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Improve your UX through Data Analytics

Data Analytics refers to collection and examination of qualitative and quantitative business data for the purpose of performance improvement.

Analysis provides information on current operations, recognition of patterns and highlights value centres, as well as any potential for automation.

Future scenarios can be predicted and vital optimisation strategies built, on the valuable insight gained from Data Analytics, making it an essential factor in maintaining competitive edge and meeting desired business objectives.

How to implement Data Analytics to drive continuous business improvement

1.  Identify Business Objectives:

2. Define relevant Conversion Indicators



Ecommerce site

Generating leads

Content publishing


Business Objective

increased awareness and loyalty

online sales of products or services

efficient collection of potential leads

high engagement of repeat visitors

fast delivery of relevant data & info

Macro conversions

Key actions that directly correspond to fully meeting a business objective

Eg. Ecommerce site – purchase

Micro conversions

Actions that might eventually lead to meeting a business objective  

Eg. Ecommerce site – newsletter signup

3. Conduct Analytical process

Get Started with DollarMonitor now to:

  • Define your business objectives
  • Identify the relevant indicators
  • Institute a measurement plan
  • Work through the analytics process

In order to:

  • Create an accurate business model
  • Identify potential threats or challenges
  • Design optimisation strategies
  • Drive better Return On Investment